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Poll Merino Wool

For leisure & fashion

  • Chemical Free
  • Good mid-micron wool
  • Good garment making wool

Wool from Grays Hills is sold primarily into the New Zealand market for the leisure, active wear fashion industry. The market is currently expanding into Australia.
Poll Merino wool has one of the finest fibers of any used for clothing, even finer than silk in some cases. Poll Merino wool is so fine that it does not cause the itchiness of coarse wool. It is shrink resistant and non-flammable. Fine Poll Merino wool can be worn in warm climates and strongly resists the build up of body odor. It draws moisture away from the skin so that it is very comfortable to wear on a hot day as well as a cold day.

Poll Merino Stud

Prize-Winning Merino

Founded in 1962 by David Urquhart and Sons, Grays Hills Stud is one of the oldest Poll Merino studs in New Zealand. The stud is also the largest Poll Merino Stud in the country.

The breed was chosen because it is a big, fertile, robust wool cutter and produces a good heavy fleece. The breed was chosen because it is a big, fertile, robust wool cutter and produces a good heavy fleece. Other breeds may produce more wool but will have less meat or vise versa. The Poll Merino is a dual-purpose breed. The Poll Merino gives the male lamb option without horns so horns do not need to be cut. The Poll Merino also has an early maturity compared to other breeds.



Stud Principals: Sherie & Mark Urquhart
Gray’s Hills Station, New Zealand

Established: 1962 from Flock 116 (est 1938)
Stud Classer: A D Paterson
Ewe Numbers: 550 MA ewes, 100 2ths
Sale Method: Private. End Feb/Mar


Area: 22,000 hectares 
Rainfall: 400mm<
Stock Numbers: 6,200 ewes, 4,500 MA wethers, 1,000 wether hoggets, 2,000 ewe hoggets, 300 Angus cows, 50 replacement heifers


Runs 5500 commercial ewes under dryland conditions. 1200 are mated to terminal sires (Suffolk & Border Leicester). 3000 replacement hoggets and 4500 MA wethers are run on areas less suitable for lambing. Lucerne hay and grain are fed for long cold winters.

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